Queenies 1977-1979 Memories

Grade 2 1978

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Old 8mm Videos from 1977 - 1979

Unfortunately this was the 70's and video was expensive, so film is pretty me-centric (because that's what parents do), and most shots are pretty brief.
As we were in red faction, a lot of the sport day filming was on red teams. Seems like we did a lot of marching.
Sport Day 1978 - Grade 2 Boys Race Races and Games

A few boys races, and grade 2 team sport relays.
Birthday Party January 1979

Footage from birthday party in 1979. Mainly some boys from the class (had not discovered girls yet, sorry).

1979 Grade 3 First Communion

A few shots including the whole class going to first communion

Other Video Clips
Leaving First Day of School in Grade 1
Mainly myself and Marc leaving the classroom after day 1, but a few others racing past.
Sport Day 1977 - Marching & Running Race
Marching around the oval, and a bunch of the boys in a running race.
Sport Day 1977 - Games Grade 1
Grade ones doing team sport relays (with rather too much on me).
Sport Day 1978 - Marching
More marching around ovals.
Sport Day 1979 - Marching
And even more marching around.
Sport Day 1979 - Race
Boys race with a chubby me losing by a LONG way.
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